Subject: Four important facts about cleaning gums and teeth
15 May، 2019
  1. It is wrong to think that brushing and applying toothpaste is sufficient to protect teeth from cavities and prevent gum infection, because there are some places (interstitial spaces between the teeth and places where the tooth meets teeth) that may not be attached to the toothbrush, which prevents Clean it well, which leads to the possibility of tooth decay and inflammation of the gums.
  2. The solution of this problem is the use of medical dental thread, which can penetrate between these areas which are difficult to reach using the traditional toothbrush, where approximately 50 cm of this thread is cut, and then wrapped on the middle finger with both hands and keep 7 - 10 cm in the middle between the fingers of the thumb and index finger that control the movement of the thread between the teeth, and change this part (7 - 10 cm) continuously until the full length of the cut (50 cm) is used. You can consult a dentist to guide you on how to properly use the thread.
  3. Some may suffer from bleeding or inflammation of the gums, which prevents the use of a string of teeth, which causes contact with sick gums to make the situation worse, in such cases we recommend using a toothbrush manufactured specifically for the interfaces, where the head is small and contains fine hairs , Although not as efficient as dental floss. In such cases, toothpaste can also be used. With plenty of foods rich in vitamin C that help strengthen the gums.
  4. Despite the many benefits of brushing and applying toothpaste, recent scientific studies have confirmed that daily brushing and toothpaste periodically avoids the complete removal of the calcareous layer of teeth, and that these residues become an area Which can open the door to tooth decay and inflammation of the gums. In this regard, the dentist should be visited on a regular basis, so as to remove the remaining layer of the calcareous layer on the teeth and ensure that they are fully cleaned.