14 مارس، 2019
JOB SUMMARY Plans, coordinates and directs the activities of the Medical Records Department. Develops, monitors and enforces departmental policies and procedures dealing with the confidentiality of medical information, methods of statistical compilation and completeness of the Medical Record. Established and maintains close working and consulting relationships with the Chief of Professional Services, other Service Chiefs Medical Staff and heads of such Departments as contribute information to the Medical Record. Designs in conjunction with users, appropriate forms and worksheets to display the required information in a clear and sufficient manner. Prepares the work and vacation schedules of staff of the Department. Ensures that an in-service training policy is adopted for the development and the service provided. Acts as the Chairman of Secretary to the Medical Records Committee. Enforces hospital policies in so far that they affect the staff of the Medical Records Department. Performs ongoing informational surveillance of practice indicators o monitors for medical staff review. Suggest to professional staff methods of improving the primary source of data that will facilitate their retrieval, analysis, tabulation and display. Coordinates OPD activities to meet the needs of other Hospital departments in ensuring a smooth workflow of the outpatient services. Cooperates with other departmental heads in formulating mutually beneficial inter-departmental policies and procedures to ensure optimal patient care. Supervises and evaluates the job performance of all employees under his supervision and prepare periodic performance evaluations as required. Supervises the compilation of all activity reports and statistical returns as required by the Hospital Administration and the Ministry Health. Other tasks as may be delegated from time to time. SCOPE OF WORK:  This position is responsible for planning, coordination and directing the whole range of the activities of the Medical Records Department consisting of the Medical Records file room, Transcription Services, E.R. Reception, Admitting and Discharge Office, Outpatient Services and Telephone Services.