Maintenance Supervisor
20 مارس، 2019
Sanaa, Yemen


This position, involves with installation, maintenance & repair of all mechanical and related equipments.

This position is “independent & responsible” for the proper and safe operation/maintenance of the above named equipment.

This position participates actively in training of the assigned operating staff for the respective equipment.


Is responsible for the safe and continuous operation of above named equipment.

Implements and maintains and adequate preventive maintenance programme.

Performs and participates actively in all repairs and overhauls.

Supervises all repairs so that a minimum stand still of any equipment is ensured.

Supervises all test runs of the above equipment.
Forwards spare parts and materials orders needed for proper operation in due time.

Rectifies deficiency of defect of equipment at the earliest possible time.

Performs major structural fabrication as required.
PERIODICALLY inspects buildings and utility systems to determine need of alterations and repairs.

PERFORMS any such other job related duties not specifically enumerated in this job description, which may, from time to time be assigned by superiors.

TO SHARE the planning, advisory & supervision of any work by outside contractors /workers should give proper feedback to superiors.

Performs economical transport management with proper maintenance, punctuality, safety and cleanliness.

Overhauls hydraulic & pneumatic systems; air compressors, refrigeration compressors and other mechanical equipment.

Participates in training sessions, emergency and/or safety drills and activities as required.
HAVING regular rounds in hospital and housing to check/repair any defective matters affecting hospital or employee’s safety.

TO ENSURE and follow up the availability of essential supplies to both hospital and Housing with the cooperation of warehouse supervisor.

TO WORK with warehouse supervisor, to prepare the necessary items and spare parts to be available in the store to keep all machines/equipments in good working condition.
TO CHECK and make necessary procedures to keep essential supplies like oxygen, water, power supply (generators) to hospital and housing.



Technical school graduation in Mechanical Engineering is required.

Five years apprenticeship in mechanical & calibration must be required.

Must be familiar with all aspects of Lathe Machine operations, arc welding, oxygen-acetylene welding & brazing, soldering etc.

Experience in water treatment, refrigeration & air condition systems and electrical maintenance are preferred.

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Status: Open Job type: Full Time Job level: Years of experience: 4-15 Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 20 مارس 2019

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