Migraines between causes, symptoms and treatment
15 May، 2019
Migraine is one of the most common pathological complaints among people. It is caused by the dysfunction of the mechanism of the blood vessels that feed the brain, which is caused by many factors, such as: - Genetic factor. - Exposure to loud sounds and disturbing in the long term. - Exposure to psychological and neurological pressures. Hemorrhagic headaches usually occur when there is a case of hypersensitivity to surrounding substances (such as dust, pollen, cigarette smoke). The migraine sufferer suffers from head pain on either side of the right or left side, which is the pain that occurs in the images of intermittent stress attacks (hence the name migraine). In addition, the patient may suffer from some of the accompanying symptoms, which include .. - A feeling of numbness on the affected side of the headache, but in chronic and advanced cases may extend this numbness to the areas of the neck or arm. - Nausea and desire to vomit. - The lack of clarity of vision, and the difficulty of seeing in the light. - Continuing complaint of exhaustion and exhaustion.   The problem of migraine is not limited to those annoying symptoms that affect the patient during seizures, as it may develop to include many serious complications, such as high pressure in the skull, which may lead to brain hemorrhage. On the other hand, some studies confirm that migraine patients are increasing the chances of stroke or meningitis. Migraine therapy is based on migraine tablets, as well as some analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. And avoid exposure to any factors such as psychological pressure, high voices, smoking and substances that cause hypersensitivity.