14 March، 2019
JOB SUMMARY: Is responsible to the Corporate Office, assuring that JCAH accreditation standards and requirements are maintained. Responsible to the Corporate Office for the efficient planning, organization and directing subordinates activities to attain the most beneficial use of available resources and time. To set objectives and measure results. (Management objectives) Responsible for short and long range planning. Prepares and implements the control and effective utilization of the physical and financial resources of the hospital. Employs a system of responsibility accounting, including budget and internal control. Responsible for preparation of annual operating plan with goals and objectives; capital and expense budgets and suitable internal controls. Submitting regularly to the Corporate Office or its authorized officers reports showing the financial activities of the hospital and preparing and submitting such special reports as may be required by the Corporate Office. Initiates and communicates prompt corrective action when warranted; interprets existing policy and establishes new policies where its effectiveness will improve operation. And carries out all policies established by the Corporate office. Relating to professional staff and all others concerned with patient care in such a way that cost effective care may be given to all patients. Provides for personnel policies and practices that adequately support sound patient care and maintain accurate and complete personnel records. Administers and supports a strong Employee Relations Program to provide a high morale and efficiency; including a regular compensation review and performance appraisal. Encourages and utilizes vehicles of communication fostering two-way communication upwards in the corporate structure. The Project/Hospital Manager, having perfected and submitted to the Corporate Offices, for approval a plan of organization of the personnel and others concerned with operation of the hospital, shall conduct an annual review of the plan for renewal and computability. Develops and implements an orientation plan for all new employees. Also plans and promotes informal and formal education program for administrative personnel and medical staff. Participates with the Saudi and Yemeni Representatives which define the delivery of health care services and aid in short and long range planning of health services and facilities. Pursues a continuing program of informal education in health care, administrative and management areas to maintain, strengthen and broaden his/her concepts, philosophy and ability as a health care administrator. Reviews and acts upon the reports of authorized governmental agencies. Insures that there is an effective policy on employment and training of Yemeni nationals.