Materials Management Supervisor
14 March، 2019
This position is responsible for the administration, coordination and development of hospital's Materials Management program. The program incorporates the centralization of all procurement functions including the responsibility of warehousing, commissary operation and property control of all fixed assets. DUTIES/TASKS:
  • Attends Department Heads meetings to ascertain implemented policies, assists in their development and interprets them to his subordinates.
  • Coordinates and controls Materials Management activities throughout the institution.
  • Supervises a centralised purchasing system (PPR's and PR's) of all supplies, services and equipment.
  • Reviews, interprets, analyzes and communicates Materials management reports with the Project/Hospital Manager.
  • Ensures availability of all supplies and controls all inventories.
  • Establishes an integrated plan of operation compatible with hospital objectives.
  • Evaluates employees work performance and recommends rewards and/or discipinary actions.
  • Keeps the Project/Hospital Manager posted of conditions in areas under his direction.
  • Establishes work and vacation schedules for employees under his supervision.
  • Manages control of fixed assets program (property control).
  • Monitors commissary operations.
  • Checks all outgoing issuance in issue vouchers and top-ups.
  • Submits a monthly report to the Administration.
  • Maintains a list of pharmaceuticals, laboratory and medical supplies for their validity dates, six months in advance.
  • Prepares a monthly Damage Goods Report (DGR) on expired items for disposal.
  • Approves orders for supplies and equipment, as authorized.